Ultima Online

The beginnings of our team began to take shape in the Arx Draconis Guards (ADG) of the guild The Syndicate (LLTS). LLTS was a very large and old guild on the Atlantic server, and most of the LLTS were merchants and questers and not PvPers. The ADG was the place where the PvPers went. Coming from all sorts of backgrounds and previous guilds, the ADG group quickly became close from all of the training and fighting that we did throughout the world of Britannia.During this time, noone could stand up to the force we projected. We succeeded in clearing out every pocket of PK resistance we found, and succeeded in looting 4 of the fullest loot towers on the entire server. The looting of these towers basically robbed 4 of the most notorious PK guilds of their entire guild treasure and took more than 20 people hours each to empty once we killed off the defenders multiple times.

One day most of us decided that LLTS had serious problems, and instead of deciding to leave, we put up a demand list of changes we wanted to see instituted. The leadership of LLTS were out of touch and without integrity. Our demands were rudely cast aside and therefore we left and formed The Professionals (for those of you curious how "PRX" became our abbreviation, "PRO" was taken on the warstones that UO used for PvP).

Thanks to RiKKa, we immediately had some guild buildings, and quickly found ourselves in a hectic conflict with the Britain Crossroads Posse (PpA). Many a night was fought at our base and theirs and fights of more than 20+ people were commonplace. At first the war was evenly matched. Then we increased our inter-team training and began to work together like a well-oiled machine. A month later found the PpA disbanded as we controlled their land almost at will. Soon after, our warstone was listed near the top of all guilds with wars (#5 overall #1 for AntiPKs), and it represented the most wars by any Anti PK guild (which was easy since we were the only Antis left on Atlantic).

We spent a lot of time in UO having a ton of fun and running multiple raids and training sessions on a daily basis. We bled in such areas as Buccaneer's Den, Moonglow, Trinsic, South Swamps, and Empath Abbey. Unfortunately when most of us went on to Asheron's Call, we couldn't continue to run a stable guild in UO and we lost some good people as the UO team folded.

We also had our own UOX server for a few months where we would have PvP practices and general fun.

Asheron's Call

While a beta tester, Zephyrus lit our fire to move from Ultima Online to Asheron's Call. We established ourselves on Darktide (the only PvP server) in the 1st hours of the server opening in the town of Holtburg. Our monarch tag was KV the Anti, and we leveled and fought in the North for many a day. We went from Holtburg to Neydisa Castle to Edelbar and Tethana fighting for justice and being the only staunch Antis on the face of the server. We battled such groups as The Mercs, SiN, and many other monarchies that soon crumbled and dissipated.

KV left AC for a time and the monarchy was then captained by Ronan. Ronan led the charge of PRX into the Azile wars for Stonehold. Once helping a coalition win that war, our team then called Stonehold home for a long time. Many wars were fought in and out of Stonehold alongside the Reckless and C-Bulls monarchy, such as the many campaigns that left Plateau in ruins. We always came out as the victors, including a 100 to 5 body count edge in the third and final war. Many great new people joined an already solid core during these months, and lots of fun was had.

One of our last wars was the total domination of the Alberon Mindeater monarchy out of Fort Tethana. The size of their monarchy was close to 5000 listed people, while ours was under 500. Yet in a week of constant assaults, the monarchy crumbled. They went from 5000 people to less than 50 people as people quit to escape our wrath.

Unfortunately, as our power grew, so did the amount of exploits and cheats in AC. Turbine's response was to state that cheating was acceptable and so it got even worse. Months went by and no fixes were instituted, and Darktide was, for all intents and purposes, a ruined server. Not a day went by when an enemy didn't use some form of invincibility exploit that compensated for their lack of skill (Joy of Villainy and KoC/Blood being the most well known cheaters). Even in the face of cheats, we still won scores of battles against the likes of Devils of Kimone, the Toes, Alberon Mindeater, GEN, and Blood/KoC.

Shortly after, we officially left Darktide as a guild. Many of us did play for a time after but under another monarchy tag, The Ancient Order. Our legacy in Asheron's Call is to this day the most hardcore and long standing Anti Pks ever. Where other guilds disbanded, changed alignments, or watered themselves down for peace (ie Sagacious), we proudly stood against the ever strengthening current of pervasive cowardice and brought Justice to the unjust.  

Tribes II

We had a small team of players for a few months on Tribes II. However with the advent of the Dark Age of Camelot beta, this folded.

Ghost Recon

Oak created a server for PRX and friends to play Ghost Recon on. A small group of PRX played Ghost Recon and Oak had a clan page: www.evilc.com.

Dark Age of Camelot

We began our quest for excellence in the beta on Midgard. We chose Midgard at the thought that it would be the least populated realm. We learned what we could in beta and then went on to final as a guild.

Our accomplishments in DaoC are many, the first being that we dominated on the most hardcore PvP/most populous realm, Merlin. We were co-sponsors of the very first successful keep takeover in the entire game with Conquest. We led the total domination of Hibernia (and guilds such as TM, SiN, TP, DDH, etc) and took both of their relics within the 1st 2 months. We also would have been in the 1st group to ever take a relic in the entire game had it not been for a Mythic bug (Albion Snowdonia relic). We then went on to dominate Albion (and guilds such as TR, Purple Dragons, etc) and took both of their relics after many tries. The last relic was taken with us formulating and leading Operation: Endgame where Midgard took 6 of Albion's keeps at the exact same time. All of this was done with Midgard being the 2nd least populated realm on our server AND fighting both Hibernia and Albion at the same time (later Hibernia and Albion formed an alliance yet still could not beat us).

We also organized and led the game's 2nd successful game-wide effort to kill the Epic Dragon, and it was the 1st and only time (at that time) that it has happened on Merlin. Finally, ever since the Realm Point tallies had been published (for killing other players), we were in the top 2 on Merlin, including a 2 month stay as the #1 RP guild for Merlin, and top 3 across all servers. Many of our members have been at the top of the RP standings for their respective class.

Merlin slowed down with many guilds quitting in shameful defeat (TR, SiN, TM to name a few). During our time on Merlin we never lost a relic and earned and held all 6. Coincidentally or not, the 1st weekend after we left Merlin, Midgard lost two relics. We formed another chapter on Albion Nimue, to try Albion and also help a realm that is already losing, to win once again. Unfortunately with the leveling treadmill and coming PvP server Mordred, the Albion team folded.

We were also accepted into the Mordred (PvP server) Beta and opened an expeditionary team on Lancelot Hibernia so we could complete our knowledge of all three realms before beta.

We got into the Mordred Beta 2nd phase, and even though it was a beta, we still had a super run, being listed top 5 for realm points and realm points earned in 7 days, even having stints as #2 and #1 respectively. At one point we had all 6 relics with our allies Combine, Ravensworn, and Defenders of Order.

On Andred, the PvP server, we also had a great, if short, run. We were #3 in RPs and #1 for Anti-PK guilds. It was easier for RPK guilds to gain RPs since they could kill anyone, hence the #3 slot. We were #2 in power rankings, and led the second taking of a relic.

DAoC was the first game to actually keep score in regards to pvp accomplishments and earning keeps and relics. We proved, with hard facts, that we were the best there is. Even board warriors found it hard to explain away losing all their relics and not being #1 for Realm Points.

In 2007 we returned to DAoC on a classic ruleset server, Gareth on Albion. We get a team to max level and RvRed for a while and took a few keeps and relics and had some fun for a few months.

Jedi Knight II

Rexfelis created a server for PRX and friends for Jedi Knight II. The force is strong with PRX. Foda, Lohvarn, and Rexfelis were some of the best saberists the game had to offer. As the majority of PRX moved on to Shadowbane, several PRX stayed behind and began to build a Jedi Guardian Capture the Flag team. This first team, Attrox, went undefeated in 40 matches and was only scored against by two clans. All other fights were shutouts. As Attrox moved on to other games, Faber again stayed behind to build a JG CTF team, Reverant Silence. Faber, Demundus, Spyke, Mech, Niko and several more went on to again dominate the CTF scene, ending the season with a record of 36-2-2.

We produced four videos explaining the secrets to our success and demonstrating Advanced Map Travel. Reverant Silence also went on to create 'No Force CTF' which has all but replaced the old types of Capture the Flag gameplay. Jedi Knight Two was the first proving ground to show the gaming community that PRX's consistency of victory applies to FPS aswell as MMORPGs.


DAoC was the first game to keep score and we proved to be the best in gaming. Shadowbane took this one step further, and now your entire city and way of life would be at stake. It was time to get it on in the most hardcore pvp game ever and when the fighting stopped on two servers, we were the driving PvP force behind the most dominant nation in SB history, the Covenant of Swords.

We began in beta with about 6 accounts at a time when roughly 80% of the beta population was in a PK alliance called "The Burning Legion" and the other 20% were good at being their victims. We became victims ourselves when our first city, "Hartford" was destroyed in an 8 hour battle (6 accounts vs 80% of the server) vs the Legion. It was our last city ever to fall for the entirety of our time in Shadowbane (2 years).

At this point we joined forced with the "lovable losers" of CoS, the Covenant of Swords. Together we took on the Burning Legion and their allies in subsequent beta builds. At first, our victories were just surviving, being able to beat them back from siege after siege and keep our cities intact. As Beta wore on and we got more accounts and the world population grew, we were able to take this defensive posture and turn offensive, burning and baning many of the Burning Legion cities, along with fighting another large PK nation, DHL, who was now our enemy. At the end of beta, CoS, of which we were the most aggressive combat force, was the best.

At final, we went to Treachery as part of CoS. In a nutshell, we turned that server into a ghost town. Our first world war was with Redemption, led by Kirel Redhand, and KGB. Both of our nations had roughly the same population (based on server and account statistics) and within short order we crushed them and took over their land.

Our second world war was against Combine, KGB and their nation, Combination. Their nation had a population of 2400 compared to our 2000 (a 20% advantage) and they filled the forums with endless shittalk about "flattening us like pancakes". 2.5 days later found all their cities in ruins and Combine quitting as we hit them like a ton of bricks and showed them who makes the best breakfast.

Our third world war was against some traitors from CoS and KGB, and the entire rest of the server who was tired of choosing the wrong side and attempted to destroy us once and for all. They had 3200 members to our 1600 (2 to 1) and yet in a week of heavy war, we had destroyed close to 20 of their cities and they fell apart. Battles of 250 v 250 or 200 v 300 were commonplace. After this third world war, the server's population plummeted.

During all three of these world wars, spanning months of gaming, our city, Wainwright, was only breached for a TOTAL of 20 minutes. All other attacks were crushed.

With almost noone to fight, we played other games for a while until it was time for Corruption. This new Shadowbane server was to bring the best of the best from all servers to fight it out and see who was the big dog. Again, we showed, as part of CoS, that we were. Ironic that R30s, the old Buring Legion (led by SiN), did not come as themselves since they had just been banned en masse for duping on their old server, Scorn.

As CoS, allied with Defenders of Honor, we soon found ourselves in a world war vs Facultus Ultrimque, Scorned Death (Stargod led group of the game's most notorious dupers, hackers, and all around punks), and DHL. The numbers were even and the battle was long and hard. PRX was always leading the way, eventually cracking their defenses by destroying FU's city, and in an enormouse climactic battle with over 500 players participating for close to 6 hours, we destroyed Scored Death's fortress to end the war. From here Shadowbane lost it's appeal as Corruption became a ghost town from the shittalkers quitting in defeat and we moved to another game. CoS was the greatest nation in Shadowbane's history and we were a proud part of that as their most potent fighting force.

Star Wars: Galaxies

After we left the Treachery server in Shadowbane we went to Star Wars: Galaxies on Bloodfin as the Rebel Alliance. We worked hard and were one of the first 3 guilds to have a Player Association Hall. We then took the fight to the Imperials. During the months we played, we went 4-0 in the "Fight Nights" between the Rebels and Imperials (important to note that the Imperials won the previous Fight Nights that we did not participate in); and crushed the Imperials (not surprising since they had losers like The Regulators on their side) so badly they whined and cried and wouldn't show up for anymore Fight Nights.

We constantly roamed the Galaxy killing Imperials on Naboo and Tatooine, taking them out by the score along with their AT-STs. As usual, they became scarce or stopped flagging as Imperial and so we got bored with the lack of action and went back to Shadowbane on the Corruption server.

Lineage 2

We had a short stay in Lineage 2 after the beta test. We hit the game hard and leveled and worked together, being one of the very first guilds to achieve Rank 3. Unfortunately the extreme leveling curve and poor PvP system just did us in, and we left.

Guild Wars

When the Guild Wars open beta started we were ready. A dedicated team competed in 95 8v8 matches and earned an impressive 77 wins and 18 losses. We were ranked as high as 17th in the world but had an issue with some bugginess giving us losses when we didn't even begin a match. The game got old fast however and we didn't push into final as a team.

World of Warcraft

After being in the beta test, we joined the Arthas realm on the Alliance side. In short, during our time there (roughly 1 year at full steam) we were the most dominant combat force on the server. We were the first to kill a PvP boss on our server (possibly across all servers) before and after the Honor point system. We were the first to get an Alterac Valley 40v40 victory on our server (possibly across all servers). This was especially ironic since all the Horde did was cry "wait until BGs when it's fair!" Not a moment went by where the Horde didn't whine about us crushing and camping their cities and instance lines. To be frank, the competition we faced (Arthas Horde) was probably the weakest we have ever faced in any game. Unfortunately the game was very "carebearish" and interest waned. The honor system made it very difficult to find any Horde to kill or fight in organized battles; single Rogues and Druids solo pvping was the order of the day.

A team was formed on Skullcrusher Horde in order to get better competition, and our Warsong Gulch team made a super accounting for themselves in the win/loss column going 40 and 4.

Battlefield 2

In Battlefield 2 we had our allies join us and we entered the CAL (Cyber Amateur League) 12v12 and 8v8 ladders as well as ran a ranked public server and private practice server. In our first season we went 15-7, made the 8v8 playoffs, and won our first round match. For our first ever FPS competition team and the lack of practices, we proved ourselves to be among the top 8v8 teams.

Everquest 2

After Battlefield 2 came a slow time. In June of 2006 a few of us tried out the free EQ2 trial and we liked it enough to give it a try. Who would have thought EQ had PvP?

We joined the most populous pvp server, Nagafen, and joined the Qeynos faction. Qeynos was outnumbered roughly 3 to 1 to the Freeport faction. It was widely accepted that Freeport had the better pvp classes and hence the population imbalance.

The server was "mature" in that there were a lot of max level players running around yet in less than 2 months we had gotten some levels under our belt, had 6 players earn the "Champion" title, and wracked up in the neighborhood of 25000 kills of Freeporters (EQ2 tracked all statistics).

As time went on Qeynos became the imbalanced side and so the team switched to Freeport and pvped under that banner. As of the middle of 2007 the Freeport team has wracked up more than 6000 more kills bringing out total to 31000.

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

At the 11th hour we decided to jump into Vanguard. The game was always built to be an EQ clone and so we weren't interested until they announced a Free-for-All PvP server, Tharridon, would be running at launch. Images and discussions of a return to the fun days of Asheron's Call were commonplace.

We hit it hard and had a good sized team of folks. Many of our gaming friends joined under our banner (Cadre Quietus and KGB) and we saw a lot of old faces to once again either fight or fight alongside with.

The early days and lowish levels were fun. Ebonlore was caught cheating again (surprise surprise) and we battled old foes like SUN and Lords of Death and bashed new foes like Ascendency.

Unfortunately the game had some major issues. The worst was the imbalanced PvP system. PvP was a game of 1-2 shotting each other. If I saw you first, you died in 1-2 shots. If you saw me first, chances are I died in 1-2 shots. For example I played a Druid and I could kill anyone in 1 second with a spam of the "Starfall" ability. The second major problem was that the game had a severe lack of a playerbase. PvPers want folks to fight and having to spend a lot of time looking for a fight only to 1 shot your opponent certainly isn't ideal.

In summary we had some fun in Vanguard and enjoyed a good fight here and there but overall the game was, and continues to be, a huge letdown.

Eve Online

The game had only been out for four years when a group of us installed this game. While we had one or two that had been playing for months, the majority of us were new. The game has a long skill-up time and except for a few uneventful hunts for enemies, no pvp occurred of note.

Age of Conan

Age of Conan was to be the holy grail of gaming; free for all pvp, hardcore combat rulesets, city building and destroying, next generation graphics and a pledge by Funcom to make this a harsh world. Before it launched, all of the supposed "hardcore" guilds were to meet on Deathwisper to fight it out and that's where we rolled with our brothers and sisters in Cadre Quietus.

While the same old cast of clowns (Sinister, PfB, Darkhand, Regulators) battled it out on the public forums, we thrived in game and after a lot of hard work earned the first Battlekeep on the server and across all North American servers. This feat proved our ability to not only fight and win in the leveling grounds (at our peak we had 100+ max level characters) but also to organize and reach a common goal.

During our time on Deathwhisper we battled alongside The Box, Lords of the Dead and Isolated and controlled zones for leveling purposes and attacked enemy zones while they leveled. We teamed with our allies and burned down Sinister's Battlekeep, the first and only keep, as of this posting, that was destroyed (Regulators and Combine could hardly level in the FFA environment and so never had a Battlekeep to get whacked). We also defended keeps from PfB and Goonheim assaults. Our own keep was almost never assaulted and it became extremely boring to sit around for hours defending against battles that never came.

Boredom set in server-wide and the server became a ghost-town. One by one the major guilds left or had a handful of players playing. Near the end of our time we had a group of mostly recruits break off and join Carnage's offshoot guild, Pacifism. With a classless move they declared a siege on us thinking we would not have the muster to fight them off. They were wrong and got crushed 4700 points to 800 points.

Warhammer: Averheim

We joined Warhammer on the Averheim server. With realm unity in mind, we took our alliance (Cadre Quietus and Isolated) and joined with Retribution alliance (Dusk til Dawn, Xen of Onslaught, Sinners, Misery and Pride). The server had a "Full" population for both realms and login queues.

With our combined might, we put the warhammer down on Order all across the map and battled such guilds as Bash and Brew, TKT and Aggression. We were the first across all Warhammer servers to lay siege and control Altdorf. After that, Averheim slowed down considerably. A lot of the Order quit in shameful defeat and a lot of Destruction left for other games. The system allowed Order to "win" by not showing up and we were not able to get back to Altdorf. You see, if Order didn't get killed, zones didn't flip.

We had players be the first to complete Lost Vale and we were the #1 guild on the server in total realm points.

Then guilds were allowed to transfer over from other servers and HOSS came and brought a renewed spirit to Order. Action picked up a little but it wasn't enough and soon Mythic asked the players to transfer. We chose Badlands.

Warhammer: Badlands

We chose Badlands because Order had the advantage. Within days we turned the tide and began to bring the fight to Order. While a lot of it wasn't pretty (dozen or more Fortress crashes, bugged zone, code to protect the weak, etc) we got to Altdorf twice and broke Order. As time went on we accomplished much. 11 times, as a leading member of the Retribution alliance, we made it to Altdorf. We climbed to the top of the RP rankings and got to #1 for Badlands and top 10 for the world. Jesicca's pvp teams made a lot of Order post about us on the forums for our skill. As all games go however new games came out and boredom set in and the team shrunk.

AION: Azphel

Apparently not learning from our other Korean grinder, Lineage 2, we hit AION hard. Our start was strong, having 70 online nightly, and we raided Asmodians and took part in some sieges, but our effort petered out very fast as we came crashing up against the grind and the lack of meaningful pvp. A few holdouts kept playing and did well in the arena but as an official force we left within a short amount of time.

Mortal Online

Many of us old-timers longed for the sandbox days of UO and so, with nostalgia in our hearts, we went to Mortal Online (only one launch server). The game had a lot of potential and with a small group, formed the TOP alliance with Tindremic Templars. We claimed and battled for our lands, built houses and a keep and had the first successful server siege. Not bad for only having 12-15 [PRX] play the game.


Hoping to recapture some Warhammer magic, we hit Rift hard and rolled on Spitescar, a PVP server. We were the most dominant force on the server; crushing Defiants all over the high level zones and during events. However the competition was weak and overall pvp was lacking. The forest was bereft of combatants for our 400 pound gorilla of more than 80 max-level characters. We had hopes that Trion would add some meangingful pvp combat and spent time dabbling in some PVE content and attacking the Defiant King, camping their capital city and fighting endless battlegrounds. Unfortunately without meaningful PVP folks faded away to play other games. We tried a move to Deepstrike but the system for character transfers came too late as well. Overall we felt like Rocky Balboa who spent all this time preparing to fight Clubber Lang only to get into the ring and have him no-show.

Battlefield 3

We love the Battlefield series and so hit BF3 hard with our own server. Lots of fun was had and we have many good FPS players.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

This was the inevitable game: we had to play it. [PRX] was pre-launch ready to roll Empire on a PVP server. However, it became clear that Empire was going to significantly outnumber the Republic and so, with just a few hours to spare, we made the decision to roll Republic on another PVP server. We were going to be outnumbered 29.5% to 70.5% and love every minute of it. We hit it hard with over 140 guilded characters. Unfortunately, the PVP in the game was horrible and Illum was a failure. Sure, we did hundreds of warzones etc but the game did not hold out interest for long.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 was another one of those hallmark "everyone will play" pvp games and it has not disappointed. In beta weekend 3, we did a trial run with the Titan Alliance (Condemned, Dusk Till Dawn, Synapse, Ginnunga, The Elite to name just a few) and were unanimously voted in. Our main nemesis was the Ascension Alliance (Team Legacy, Lords of the Dead, Darkhand, etc) who did a lot of forum posturing pre-final release and had, on paper, hundreds more players than we did. The Ascension Alliance went so far as to attempt to build an entire server community on Northern Shiverpeaks, all with the goal of community and WvW dominance.

The game began with 24 hour matches, the first few being bugged with scores beginning thousands of points in random directions or having "ghost matches" where you would be fighting 5 or 6 servers at the same time in a bugged fasion. However, this was quickly fixed and the game began in earnest. The first two matches in quick succession we made short work of the Ascension Alliance and they quickly dropped all pretense of "server community" and fled off Northern Shiverpeaks to Eredon Terrance. At this point we were the undispusted best server and alliance of GW2. We were the kings of tier one, defeating all servers that rose to challenge us and going a world best 30-0. We defeated the Ascension Alliance (TL, LoTD, DDH) eight times, Stormbluff Isle (and guilds like Sinister and Lords of Death) seven times and Jade Quarry, the server that would eventually dethrone us, six times.

With success, many negatives followed. We had a lot of "coattail riders" join our server, Henge of Denravi, which meant the WvW queues were hours and hours in length, and boredom among our own alliance. Having beaten all other good servers over and over again and having them quit faster and faster each match, our alliance broke up for new challenges and lost to Jade Quarry. We stood as the only guild to keep fighting during that match as even our allies stood down to weigh options.

Since everyone left us to fight alone and the coattail riders left the server, we made the decision to move to a lower-tier server that needed our help. We chose Sea of Sorrows and so did some other solid NA guilds. Sea of Sorrows already had a strong Oceanic presence and they had been publically asking for help for a long time. We joined and went undefeated week upon week until we hit Tier 1 and dethroned the champs for many weeks becoming world's best.

It was at this time that we had accomplished almost everything the game had to offer and sought a new challenge. For this reason we shipped across the Atlantic to Seafarer's Rest, an EU server in Tier 2. Once there, we battled and helped the server get into Tier 1 to face the mighty beast known as Vizunah Square. Over the next 5 matches we won 3 times and became the world's best in the EU bracket. However, with some connection issues and a longing for NA, we chose to head home to the NA bracket.

Sea of Sorrows was still the best server and therefore we decided on the challenge and joined Jade Quarry, a server with a lot of heart but no wins in months. We worked hard to mesh with the proud veterans of the server and once again helped it climb to the top of the mountain by dethroning the champs over and over again.

With nothing more to accomplish, we retired with a world's-best record of 72 wins and only 4 losses. 55 of those wins were at the pinnacle of competition, Tier 1, and we never came in 3rd place. We were also a member of what will always be Guild Wars 2's best alliance, Titan Alliance.

The Elder Scrolls Online

TESO was one of those "inevitable" games where everyone was going to play. We had dedicated folks in the beta tests and were chosen by Zenimax to be a core testing guild.

Pre-launch, we declared (with our allies) that we would be the AD faction on Dawnbreaker and invited enemies to come challenge us. On launch, we hit the game hard with our allies and helped Coven Nex get the first emperor across all servers and quickly dominated the entire campaign. Early on we had competition but unfortunately they quickly fled for other servers leaving Dawnbreaker a ghost town (we were ahead 275,000 points). This lack of challenge, along with crashing bugs and other PvP issues (no guild recognition and a 3 month-long campaign among them) caused our effort to fizzle very quickly as many of our core folks stopped playing and activity spiraled downward.

We attempted to regain some of the spark by going to Auriel's Bow, a server with a virtually tied campaign. However, within short order we were ahead almost 70k points and that server became a wasteland as well (in TESO, guilds could freely flee/swap their servers).

This lack of challenge, lack of guild recognition and lack of active leadership put the nail in the coffin in the game and we left officially.


We launched on Kyrios, the most populated and hardcore of the PvP servers. We worked hard to make the server the "hardcore PvPer's place to go" and had a large group of allies and enemies that committed to rolling there. Unfortunately, most of the large and experienced guilds that committed to rolling on Archeage to fight us decided to go elsewhere at the last minute and we were left with a heavily unbalanced server to start where our alliance totally dominated in all time zones. The boredom due to dominance, the lack of PvP (90% of the game was a peace zone), Trion's bungling, Trion's enabling of hacks, dupes and cheats and the P2W nature took it's toll and most of our core left along with our allies and the "Beasts of the East." The launch of Auroria, even though we did earn a castle, was the last straw and the East faded away leaving only PRX. Thankfully we picked up a lot of outstanding new people and our team continued to flourish and dominate for an entire calendar year. As patch 2.0 hit, we went unofficial and our remnants created the guild [WARDEN] and they were given our castle.