If a group of people lack skill and integrity, they cheat. It's clear that if you can win by your skill alone, you don't need to cheat. If you played Chess with your 4 year old retarded cousin, would you cheat? No, of course not.  The Hall of Shame is a place to keep record of those clowns that have cheated and been caught.

Keepers of Chaos (Blood)

This guild makes no bones about cheating and exploiting and feels it's acceptable. Banned en masse from UO by their own admission:

"Over 250 accounts of KoC's and friends of ours were banned in the process. No exact reason was ever given to us to explain us which specific action in game had been assimilated a to a violation of the Ultima Online Terms of Service."

Here is a link to a page where they admit to some of their exploitation: http://www.keepers-of-chaos.com/banned.php

Sinister (SiN)

Banned from Shadowbane for duping and exploitation as R30s. First, they used an exploit that teleported their enemies to the bottom of the ocean. Baka, the head duper, was supposedly booted from SiN but behind the scenes he just joined as another name.

In Darkfall, BoneDancer, their GM, made a http://www.prx-guild.com/fusion/post endorsing the use of exploits.

"I endorse any in game trick to level your character, or skills faster. Some folks call these exploits. I've been in enough games and seen enough public outrage turn 'accepted practice' to avoid getting in the middle of deciding right and wrong in these discussions. UO people trapped elementals with sand bags, EQ players camped zone lines to avoid risk or using pumice to one shot players with Starfire, perching in AC, pathing tricks in WOW, AE rigor piles in Darkfall, etc etc. If the game has the flaw and the GM's don't publically comment on 'usage is bannable' I won't discourage it. Personally finding these game flaws is alot of the fun for me and my powergamers and I believe at a more basic level reducing risk or effort is a human trait."

Guild of SUN (SUN)

Banned en masse from UO for duping.
Used the "Acid Pool" exploit in Darkfall.


Banned en masse from EQ2 and Vanguard for exploitation. This guild makes no bones about cheating and exploiting to win and feels it's acceptable.

Here is a link to their banning announcement from Sartok in Vanguard: http://forums.station.sony.com/vg/posts/list.m?topic_id=23100

"In the last two days SOE customer service has taken severe action against 7 players from one guild for the continual use of breaking our Rules of Conduct and Terms of Service with use of third party programmes, teleport hacking, and duping. As such, we have been left with no alternative than to disband this guild as per our policy shown above. This is something we do not take lightly, and has been months of investigation time, not a quick decision."

Here is a link to screenshots of abusing a quest bug in Vanguard: http://www.silkyvenom.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9865


Guildmaster temporarily banned for using "Radar” in Dark Age of Camelot. He was reinstated on his promise to help Mythic fix the problem and test their fixes.

The Mercs (TM)

Probably the first major guild of exploiters, their exploits are too numerous to list.

The Regulators (TR)

Duping in Shadowbane.

Joy of Villainy (JoV)

Admitted to using cheats on Darktide. See our screenshot section.

An Interesting Read from Darkfall
I would first like to let people know that I don't give a rat's ass how you perceive me. I play the way I play regardless of what other's think and have played this way in the entirety of all my gaming. The only reason I will give you a background to where I am coming from is in hopes that you understand that I am not retarded like a small portion of the hackers that are out there, and to personalize myself to the game to show that I am not coming out of left field with what I am presenting. But, as always, this forum is fickle with teenage angst and extreme personalities, so your opinion is your own. Good for you. Gaming, as far as its existence in my life, is not high up on the list. Does this make my actions correct or worthy of doing so?

No, I know that my actions can/have hurt games. I hacked, I macroed and I exploited. I was not the obvious hacker. I hacked/exploited for wealth to fund my macroing. I rarely took part in PvP, using my time rather to macro up skills. No, I did not take place in rigorfests. No, I did not take place in Acid Pool exploits. Those exploits were in clans (which are heavily ridden with exploiters/hackers) so I missed out on those. I spent my time in Darkfall going solo; doing my own thing. I learned everything about the game by myself through my own actions and through seeing things. I never stole other people's mounts and the moment someone came to my spawn I teleported out of the way and let them take over the spawn. In the hacker community there is a constant battle of the "good" hackers and the "stupid" hackers.

The "Good Hacker" goes unnoticed to the general population. He never uses speedhack, he never uses aimbot or sticky to his advantage in PvP and is non-conflict when it comes to other players. The "Stupid Hacker" group consists of either teenagers or players who hate DF and don't care if they get caught. These people are the ones you see stealing boats, jumping from out of ground to kill you or steal your mount. They also attack the "Good Hackers" even knowing that they will just teleport away. But that's besides the point of this post. I am throwing this out there to let people know a few things, ask questions, or just hate on my with nerd-rage until this thread is locked and I am banned. First, let's give you a background on the cheats used and how. Most hackers (in DF) have two accounts. One clean, one for hacking. This is what I did and this is nothing new to the DF Forum community. How the hacks work: 1. Teleport is loaded up after you are logged in. You can move with the direction keys on the numpad section of your keyboard. This hack allows you to teleport instantly anywhere in the game.

Yes, you can teleport inside buildings, rocks, trees, under the ground, you name it. Repeated use of this will give you the "Out of Virtual Memory" error, so next time you see all the people with this problem, keep that in mind. I see people post from here to the hacker forum all the time. 2. Darkfall Physics - This one is the good one. This hack encompasses wallhacks, radar, three different forms of speedhacks, player (and GM even if they are invisible) detection, graves/nodes wallhacks, sticky to player (popular for the hackers that like to steal mounts), and of course the infamous aimbot. Wallhacks drop almost all of the current things you see unless you have certain wallhacks turned on. You can drop all the scenery and just see players (highlighted in purple if they are behind something, green if they are in front of something), mining nodes, or simple things like chests or gravestones. Speedhacks have three different settings from Sprinting all the time without loss of Stamina (if you pay attention closley when people use this function THEY DO NOT LEAN FORWARD WHEN THEY RUN) to obvious speed hacking.
Aimbot and Player Sticky are similar. Sticky you can be a mile away, throw your cursor over the mob/player/mount, hit F1 and be RIGHT on the guy, stuck to him. This gives the player a look of scrabbling around your back as you try to run away. Aimbot does what the name says. Snaps the cursor to your guy so you have less of a chance of missing. Radar shows + on the screen of locations of players, mobs, and NPCs. Proximity Alarm sounds off when someone is within distance of your radar. The only problem? That the radar detects things way off the radar screen. So players sometimes don't know if it's an invisible GM or a bug. 3. SECURE Physics This hack is like the regular Darkfall Physics, but minus the tools they are not sure are detectable. Guess we will see! Other factoids: 1) They are banning accounts again. Yes, get excited! They have been banning accounts since yesterday and it's picking up again. They banned my CLEAN account, not my hacking account. What does this mean? It means they are going about it some other way. They must be detecting item transfers or something as I NEVER ran a hack on my clean account.

Yes, I did macro, but was never warned or booted by a GM. So they could be coming down on macroers, no idea. 2) The Mercs, Rainbow Ninjas, Pain, NME, Blood, Bad Boys for Life, Shadow Syndicate, Collations of Character Killers are the plethora of hacking clans. Some are better than others, but they hack and try to act like they don't. I know this by going under their cities, seeing who is teleporting in, who looks at me, going to their spawns and seeing their responsiveness to my location etc. 3) The game economy is fucked up by greedy exploiters/hackers. Some of these people have one account, some have multiple. They buy low, and sell high, driving prices higher while they get a profit. This is terrible in how it makes it so the low be/new coming players cannot afford certain items. Other players exploited a Mount Dupe trick in the early days to attain HUNDREDS of mounts. Then by selling them they got quick gold in the beginning launching them to the riches (All the people who suck Styyled Enrolled's penis for thinking he's some uber gamer are kidding themselves. There's a few in the other Alliances as well). 4) Yes, Ky Ky hacks. Yes, sorry, the infamous Dread Og hacks. How do I know? From sharing the same spawns/locations as them. Ky Ky obviously hacks, where as Dread Og may not hack in PvP, but he does have a second account (named King Khang or something in that nature, it's in the same alliance as Dread is) that he has near his main account, using hacks to teleport to get his goods, take them to the bank, and scout other players entering in the area. (Sorry Dread! Guess you better make another YouTube video of yourself talking in that spit filled voice of yours!) 5) Deathless Mages/Hooded ones are THE primary source of income for most hackers. Hit up the map sites and hit those spots, people will be there.

Just target Harder Level spawns and they will be more than likely exploited, but after the last ban some smart hackers started hitting up Hard/Medium level spawns that they could kill fast and in 4-5 mob numbers. 6) Some hackers teleport to the Bindstones thinking they will go unnoticed. Check above a person recalling in and see if they have the Shield above their head. If not, yes, they teleported in.

Others use rocks/houses in the nearby area to teleport in to then walk out. This is a tricky one as you can actually log out and sometimes get stuck inside a building and walk out and not hack. 7) Most common used method of hacking is to teleport inside a building and use a mount to kick through the walls of the building. Most popular used mounts by HACKERS are the Drakes as they have a tail that reaches further and has a wider attack range from side to side. Names given in this statement are true, take it or leave it. The names in this post were not thrown out there because I was wronged by the people in any way as I was pretty much left alone with my tactics ingame. That's all I have for now. We will see how long this post lasts. Again, feel free to ask any questions you'd like or rage/troll me, I could give a fuck.