GW2 Olaf Davidson - reydvd.3824 - Guardian 80

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1. Your real life age. 30
2. Your location (ie Texas, Switzerland, etc.) New York
3. What is your current GW2 WvW Rank? 325
4. What MMO / Online games have you mastered and in what capacity? Just GW2
5. Why do you want to join? I like to run with organized groups that communicate well
6. What is your playtime? Normally 6pm-12am EST
7. Are you a referral from a member? no
8. What is your opinion of WvW? I love the strategy and large scale battles that happen in WvW
9. What gear do you use (screenshot required of character profile and lifeskills)? I use Minstrels armor and accessories and Shaman weapons (Staff and Mace/Shield). I am open to switch out my gear if there are other builds the guild requires classes to run.
10. What guild are you coming from, if any? TSYM
11. What class do you play? I most recently played Guardian/Firebrand, but I also have a Warrior and a Necro
12. You can type English... but do you speak English? I'm fully bilingual Spanish/English
13. Do you understand that being in TeamSpeak is required whenever you WvW? yes
14. How did you hear about us? Google search for WvW guilds recruiting
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Hi Olaf

Thanks for your application. Activity is low atm and so I suggest you look elsewhere for an active group.
Posted Aug 15, 18