A message from Zorak - guild leader of Cadre Quietus

Someone once told me that "mixed emotions” were like watching your mother-in-law drive off a cliff in your gold-plated Cadillac. That’s how I feel about this point in Cadre History - I'm really sad to see this coming, but at the same time I'm really excited about the future.

Cadre Quietus was formed in late 1999 in preparation for a new game under development at that time: Shadowbane. The guild spent its time in IRC getting to know each other and discussing the game. Shadowbane was in development for so long, that the guild decided to play DAoC as a filler when it launched in 2001. Meanwhile, CQ continued to prepare for Shadowbane, recruiting new members and pursuing alliances with like-minded guilds. In late 2001, Shadowbane beta started ramping up and CQ had built an alliance of guilds called Covenant of Swords. As the beta progressed, CoS moved up the ladder to eventually become the most powerful alliance in the game. It was toward the end of beta that we first met the guild that would quickly become our closest ally, PRX.

 When the game launched in 2003 CoS built the first city in the game, Val’Haven. We crushed all enemies, never lost our city, and eventually became known as the guild that "ruined Treachery”. We dominated so much that all opposition simply quit. Together, CQ and PRX led the Covenant of Swords to great victory. After Shadowbane died down in 2004, CQ jumped into WoW. It didn’t take long to realize that WoW was not going to be a pvp game. After experiencing the pve that WoW offered, about half of CQ decided to split off and form a new guild for pve.

This was very sad time for CQ and in the midst of the turmoil PRX was there to support us in ways that can never be fully appreciated. The remaining members of CQ continued on together playing whatever new pvp game came along... Lineage II, SWG, Vanguard, Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, and Darkfall to name a few. We always ended up playing with our brothers in arms from PRX in some manner - they either tagged with us, we tagged with them, or we created a joint PRX-CQ tag. To most of us the tag over our head never mattered near as much as the company of friends that we spent our time with in game. We’ve had a great field of leaders take charge over the years.  As we’ve grown older we’ve had less and less time to devote to gaming, much less the enormous amount of time and energy it takes to successfully lead a guild.

So now, after more than a decade of gaming, Cadre Quietus is closing the door to the guild hall for the last time. We will permanently merge with our friends at PRX and continue to game together under their great tag.

-- Zorak