The following is our Code of Conduct. Please be sure you are clear on the rules before applying.

Our goal is to act with professionalism, skill, and let our deeds do the talking.

1. No stupid names. Do not include "PRX" in your name.

2. No posting on any public forums other than our own or our allies with a [PRX] tag.

3. No spamming idiocy on in game shout channels. Act professionally.

4. No shit talk to opponents in or out of game. Actions > Words. We prefer you don't say anything, but a "good fight" is acceptable.

5. Please help each other quest and XP as needed.

6. We do not randomly kill innocent players without just cause. To kill another player, you need a PRX valid reason. Reasons include:

  • Guild enemy/Faction enemy
  • An idiotic name such as "HairyBalzonurMom"
  • Someone badmouthing PRX
  • Someone griefing you or otherwise negatively effecting your playing
  • Defend territory such as a spawn or beneficial area
  • Defend an ally or groupmate. If you are grouped with randoms and someone attacks someone in your group, defend your groupmate.
  • Suspicious activity. You can tell when players are acting shady.
  • In these situations, kill first and if there is an issue let the officers sort it out.

7. No cheats or hacks. There are plenty of grey areas; if in doubt ask an officer or don't do it. Getting a temporary advantage in one game pales in comparison to being labeled as a cheater for years (i.e., Ebonlore, Conquest, or Sinister). Taking advantage of clearly mistaken vendor prices is not allowed as that crosses the line. You will not afk macro or bot unless the game allows it.

8. Save the drama for yo mama. We all die and have bad days from time to time. Log off, do something else, have a drink, but don't bitch and whine in public voice or text channels.

9. No "I quit the game" or "this game sucks" posts. If you're unhappy, give it some time, log off for a bit, try again. If you're really quitting, PM an officer with a message.

10. Be in voice comms anytime you are grinding or PvPing. Use the quiet or AFK channel if necessary.

11. No streaming of our voice comms or guild chat at any time. Streaming of our gameplay is permitted only with permission from the GM. Videos are encouraged, but must not include the guild chat or audio from our voice channels.