The following is an accounting of verifiable PvP statistics. It does not give the full flavor of our PvP history, refer to our Guild History link for more detail.


UO: Atlantic

  • Warstone #5 overall for the server, #1 for Anti-PKs.
  • Looted dry the 4 fullest PK large towers on the server.


Asheron's Call: Darktide

  • Victory: Azile War.
  • Victory: Plat Wars I, II and III, 100 to 5 bodycount during #2.
  • Victory: Alberon Mindeater war. AM Monarchy went from 5000 to 50 vassals.
  • The only "hardcore" Anti-PKs.


Dark Age of Camelot: Merlin

  • Day 1 of the Realm Point (tracks pvp kills) list, #2.
  • 1 week later, #1 RP list, stayed there for months until we left the server.
  • Led in the taking and holding of all 6 relics.
  • Never lost a relic the entire time we were on Merlin.
  • Took 1st relic across all servers (Snowdonia bug).
  • Led the 2nd killing of the Dragon across all servers.


Dark Age of Camelot: Mordred Beta

  • Entered in on the 2nd round of guild invites and still earned #5 for RPs.
  • Held all 6 relics as a member of an alliance.


Dark Age of Camelot: Andred

  • #3 for RPs, #1 for Anti-PKs, #2 in Power Rankings.
  • Secured the second relic on the server with Combine.


Jedi Knight II

  • 40-0 match record season 1, shutouts in 38 of those matches.
  • 36-2-2 season 2.


Shadowbane: Treachery

  • Victory: World War I vs Redemption: 1400 toons (our side) v 1400 (Redemption).
  • Victory: World War II vs Combine: 2000 (our side) v 2400, only took 2.5 days.
  • Victory: World War III vs The Alliance: 1600 (our side) v 3200.
  • Our city, Wainwright, only had enemies inside a total of 20 minutes the entire game.
  • Baned and burned over 30 cities.
  • Never lost a city.


Shadowbane: Corruption

  • Victory: World War I vs Scorned Duper Alliance: 3000 toons (our side) vs 3000.
  • Never lost a city.


Star Wars Galaxies: Bloodfin

  • 4-0 record in Rebel vs. Imperial "Fight Nights".


Guild Wars Beta

  • 8v8 Match History 77-18, ranked #17 in the world.


World of Warcraft: Arthas

  • First server kill of a PvP boss and most likely across all servers, before Honor Patch.
  • First server kill of a PvP boss and most likely across all servers, after Honor Patch.
  • First server 40v40 victory in an Alterac valley and most likely across all servers.
  • Warsong Gulch record 40-4.


Battlefield 2: Cyber Athletic League

  • 12v12 and 8v8 leagues record was 15-7, won a playoff match.


Everquest 2: Nagafen

  • 31000 kills
  • 6 members earned the title "Champion"


Age of Conan

  • Built the first Battlekeep across all US servers and on the "Old School Hardcore Server."
  • Built the first Tier 3 Keep.
  • Defeated PfB in a siege defense.
  • Defeated Pacifism (aka Carnage-lite) in a siege defense.
  • Assisted LoTD in burning Sinisiter's Keep down.
  • Had over 100 max level characters in the guild.


Warhammer: Averheim

  • First control of Altdorf across all servers.
  • #1 in guild realm points on the server.
  • Never let Order into Inevitable City nor let them even win a Fortress.
  • First to complete Lost Vale.


Warhammer: Badlands

  • First to attack a capital city on the server and attacked it twice.
  • #1 in guild realm points on the server.
  • Top 10 in realm points across all servers.
  • Pre patch 1.2, never let Order step foot in Inevitable City.
  • Sacked Altdorf 11 times.


Mortal Online

  • Pulled off the game's first successful siege



  • 80+ max level toons
  • Multiple Defiant King and City assaults


Guild Wars 2

  • 72 wins
  • 55 tier 1 wins
  • Never a 3rd place finish
  • Only 4 losses
  • 30-0 to begin final release
  • Member of the game's greatest alliance, Titan
  • Led a server to #1 on both NA and EU servers
  • Led a server from #10 to #1 on NA and from #4 to #1 on EU
  • 11-0 vs Team Legacy, 8-0 vs Ascension Alliance

The Elder Scrolls Online

  • Dominated Dawnbreaker +275,000 points
  • Joined Auriel's Bow when it was tied and put it up +75,000 points
  • Aided Coven Nex in getting the first emperorship across all servers


  • Most powerful PvP guild on the most populous server, Kyrios
  • Earned one of the first four castles and never lost it while we stayed official (one year)
  • First guild to own two castles
  • Never lost a siege defense