Who we are:

PRX "The Professionals" is a hardcore gaming guild which began in August 1999. We have competed in every major MMORPG on their respective hardcore PVP servers since that time under the direction of the same GM, KVent. Our roster is over 300 active gamers over which half have been with PRX three or more years.

Alpha / Beta Testing Experience:

In addition to our long standing history in gaming, we also have comprehensive testing environment experience. Our beta teams are experienced and knowledgeable in submitting organized, insightful feedback reports, as well as conducting methodical testing in order to provide solid data to developers. We pride ourselves on being professionals and strive to provide clear, concise feedback in order to meet and exceed all expectations of our team.

Alpha / Beta Testing Philosophy:

Many developers have experience with beta testers and the usual pitfalls that come with the average tester; that being the player is involved with the test from the perspective of trying out the game to see if it's something they personally would enjoy playing with little regard to feedback and actual testing of content. PRX takes a different approach to testing and employs our hardcore "work" ethic in all testing environments. This of course doesn't mean we aren't playing to see if it's something we as a guild would be interested in, however we don't allow that to be our sole focus. Instead we focus on testing and re-testing game mechanics and providing in depth feedback about the mechanics, environment and stability of various testing clients in order to help build a game players will want to not only play, but play long term.

In addition to our extensive abilities to test gaming clients, we are also a very community minded group of testers and understand that not only is it important to be an active tester, but to be active in the testing community via testing forums. Our beta teams are well spoken, well written as well as friendly, helpful members of any gaming community. While we may be one of gaming’s most hardcore PVP guilds, we strive to integrate ourselves with our fellow players and strongly believe we can learn from them.

Our beta teams have been involved in many alpha / beta tests, some of which are noted below:

ArcheAge (North America)
Camelot Unchained
EverQuest Landmark
Dark Age of Camelot
Asheron's Call
World of Warcraft
Everquest 2
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
Age of Conan
Warhammer Online
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Guild Wars 2
The Elder Scrolls Online
Albion Online

** Please note, we are unable to comment on games we are currently testing due to NDA restrictions