Formed in August of 1999, [PRX] The Professionals is the most accomplished PvP combat team in online gaming history—18 years strong.
PRX is officially in Guildwars 2 on the Sea of Sorrows server. 
In our last operation, Archeage, we fielded the strongest/largest PvP team on the most populous server: Kyrios.  We were the only guild to hold a castle from Auroria launch to patch 2.0 (a full calendar year) without it changing hands.  We led the server without hacks, cheats, exploits or shit-talk like many of our foes and enjoyed content and carnage. Our unofficial ArcheAge guild (Warden) led by Proto successfully defended the Calmlands castle handed down by PRX until the launch of Black Desert Online when all remaining members left Kyrios for BDO.
Prior to Archeage, in Guild Wars 2, we earned a record of 72 wins and 4 losses.  55 wins were in Tier 1 and we never finished in 3rd place.  We were a member of the most dominant alliance in GW2's history, The Titan Alliance, and went 30-0.  [PRX] helped lead four servers in both the NA and EU brackets to world's best.  We battled on the fields of the Henge of Denravi to Sea of Sorrows, across the Atlantic to dethrone Vizunah Square three times and then joined with a resurgent Jade Quarry to once again become world's best.